Daedalus Users Almost Bring the Testnet to a Complete Stop

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The first few days of Daedalus staking have highlighted significant areas of improvement needing to be made to the underlying Jormungandr code designed with Rust. The entire network is struggling to produce blocks since the public Daedalus nodes started logging on in their thousands, and the code writers at IOHK are furiously writing new code to try and fix these issues.

Stakepool operator's nodes are experiencing a significant number of WARN and CRIT messages caused by the underlying Jormungandr code. This is in direct contrast to how smoothly the testnet was operating before Daedalus users started taking part:

What can Stakers do?

This is an active testnet environment so this is expected to happen at several points throughout this testnet. Please be patient while the code writers at IOHK write and publish new Jormungandr code, and while stake pool operators test and discuss their node settings and performance results with each other to reach a higher level of system stablity.


Logging into Daedalus is becoming challenging. Those with the highest success are opening Daedalus, then if not fully loaded within 60 seconds are shutting down and reopening. This writer managed to login within 5 minutes of trying this method.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Daedalus

  2. Wait for 60 seconds

  3. If Daedalus has not fully synced close Daedalus

  4. Return to step 1 as soon as possible

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