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Happy New Year Everybody, we hope you've had an enjoyable festive holiday and are geared up for all the positives this coming year is set to deliver.

This year Cardano will grow from strength to strength as we're set to achieve the following milestones:

  • Shelley Mainnet

  • Goguen Mainnet

  • Basho Mainnet

  • Possibly even Voltaire Mainnet

Christmas and New Year Stability

It's been a very long Christmas and new year for all stakepool operators, with out of sync problems at an all time high for every stakepool operator as stakers have been using their free time to try and log into Daedalus and Yoroi. Stakepool operators have been working the entire time, doing all they can to get their nodes in sync for their all important 2 second block creation times, and the sleepless nights are beginning to take their toll on all.

IOHK and Cardano

The IOHK team are taking a well earned extended christmas break this year to recharge their batteries for the coming year. The whole team should be back on or around 15th January so it's possible the next Jormungandr 0.8.6 release will occur on or around that date. In the meantime we will continue to work hard to do all we can to keep our PlanetStake node in sync.... easier said than done!

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