Linux Begins

Problems with the testnet continue as all stakepools sturggle to stay in sync with the network. We all started on Jormungandr version 0.8.2 on December 13th, and we're now up to version 0.8.5a. The team at IOHK really have been working hard to try and eliminate the problems being seen by all on this now very public stage.

There is growing concensus that Linux stakepool operators have been achieving better results the past few days, so here at PlanetStake we've purchased new and bespoke hardware to create and host our own Linux node, using one of the latest and most energy efficient AMD Ryzen CPUs, configuring the system with 32GB of memory and a 1TB lightning fast NVMe SSD. This qualifies our new server as a Cardano Supernode and it is already producing better results!


Pal Dorogi - aka Ilap has been working very hard to tweak Linux to make Jormungandr run more smoothly. We're now using Pal's settings and seeing instant results. So thank you Pal for all your hard work and for being an active member of the Cardano community and a real team player for sharing your settings for all to see.

Onwards and Upwards

Having now created all of our assigned blocks since reacting quickly to upgrade to Linux, we are hopeful these initial sync problems are a thing of the past. With new upgrades to Jormungandr due, and with more and more Daedalus users joinging this Testnet all the time, the next few days and weeks will be the proof of the pudding.

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